Thursday, 30 May 2013

I've been so ridiculously busy as of late and haven't been able to designate any time to the kink world. There's a lot of exam preparation I still need to finish, so my presence will continue to be absent for the next couple of weeks. I did sneak in some time to go underwear shopping, this was my favourite of the bunch. :)

- Princess Vanessa

Monday, 20 May 2013

Who is Princess Vanessa?

This is me. I'm 159cm tall, petite and a financial domme. Some of my other fetishes include exhibitionism, voyeurism, pet play, furries, humuliation (giving), lingerie, stockings, socks (especially knee-high), sissification (forcing), and body worship (recieving).

Also I really love getting spoilt. I just really, really love it. Especially when it's in an attempt for subs to get my attention and show their adoration, haha. :)

I've always had a very strong, dominating personality. It's not just how I play, it really is who I am and I love it. I love being in control and manipulating people into doing what I want. I know how to use what I have to get exactly what I want. People don't expect a short, pretty girl like me to be controlling and undeniably persuasive and their ignorance is their downfall.

Some of my vanilla interests are makeup, music and gaming. I'm also a law student.

Some more photos of me:

If you're interested in buying any of my used underwear or hosiery I post on this blog, contact me at

- Princess Vanessa

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Financial Domination

I received a few very interesting messages from a fellow 'FinDom' on CollarMe last night. I'm relatively new to the fetish scene, so I am interested in making friends with other Doms, especially those who share the same kinks as me. So when she asked for my help I was more than willing to give advice where I could.

These are some of the messages we exchanged (name omitted for privacy). Read from the bottom up.

I was absolutely taken aback. As you can see, I thought she was joking. I know there's a lot of skepticism around financial dominants, but that kind of ignorance from someone of your own kind? I mean, really?

Financial domination isn't that much different from other kinds of dominance at its core. It's an exchange of power from a consenting sub to a consenting Dominant. One takes control whilst the other relinquishes it, for this relationship to work and to be happy trust needs to be built up between the two. For another 'Dom' to come along and suggest that a relationship between a sub for his/her Mistress superficial enough to simply hand over a submissive is completely insulting. To a sub, especially in this kind of arrangement, it is a matter of worship.

For a sub of this nature, his/her Mistress is everything. What Princess wants, Princess gets. A sub would do anything to get the attention of his/her Mistress and make sure they were happy because Mistress' well-being means so much more to them than their own. Mistress is a Goddess and he/she is completely loyal to Her. For a Mistress like myself, having a hoard of adoring worshipers competing for my attention is a big turn-on. For a sub to try so hard for acknowledgment from Mistress, Mistress' socks...Mistress' underwear...Money is the only way to get Mistress' attention because you have nothing else to offer Her. Oftentimes, the sub is just a human ATM if the sub wishes to be objectified like that. Even then, there is still a relationship that is built between the Dom and the sub. There is loyalty - it is WORSHIP.

My pay piggies are mine, I'm not going to 'hand over' one because you're too lazy and you have no interest in the fetish. Financial domination is time consuming and unless you actually enjoy what you're doing, you're wasting your time. There's a lot of fakes and time wasters and unless you actually get off on this, you're better off getting a paid-by-the-hour job.

- Princess Vanessa